The FBS Lab

The FBSciences research program is one of a kind in the plant health space. Initially we focused on field trials to validate the benefits of FBS Transit but we soon recognized that was only part of the story. In order to understand the chemistry, we assembled a team and set up a research facility in Norfolk, Virginia. This is what makes FBSciences unique. The amount of science behind our products is far beyond others in the space.

The Science of FBSciences

FBSciences has developed a proprietary method for refining and concentrating Natural Organic Matter (NOM) that's unique to our company and far beyond anything else being done in the industry today.

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The FBSciences Process for Working with Natural Organic Matter

1. Production

The process we use to produce our products is unique and changes the chemical composition of the source material.

2. Chemistry

Chemical composition varies from batch to batch, but not nearly as much as the variability found in the source material or in other products derived from natural materials.

3. Biology

We have been able to identify key chemical properties that correlate with differences in plant responses.

4. New Discoveries

We then feed these new discoveries back into our production process, making adjustments along the way. This ensures we’re producing product that performs well consistently from batch to batch.

5. Quality Control

Finally, we have the tools to analyze the finished product and validate that it meets the standards we have established based upon results from research above.

The FBS & C.O.S.M.I.C. Labs at ODU

Our team of research scientists work in a state of the art facility located right off the campus of Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, Virginia. In addition to the FBS Lab, our researchers also use the College of Sciences' Major Instrumentation Cluster (C.O.S.M.I.C.) Lab located on campus. This gives our team access to some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world.

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Keeping Us Honest

Agronomists like David Holden in California, Mike Petersen in Nebraska and top-notch groups in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Australia are able to record first-hand the response our products have in independent third-party field trials. They are part of a network that have managed over 1,000 independent & university studies to validate the performance of our products on 53 different crops on 6 continents.

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