Products Based on Science & Versatile in Application

Farming practices vary depending on individual farmer’s preferences, the needs of the crop and the region where it is grown. More than ten years of development and independent studies have validated multiple application opportunities of our products in the field on potentially every managed acre globally.  Whether it’s applied at planting or during the early reproductive growth stages, our products are consistent and effective. We’ve designed our versatile products to be the cornerstone of plant productivity and they can be used in any cropping system around the world.

Nutrient Efficiency Products

We formulate our crop nutrition products and distribute them through established supply channels around the world. We have registered fertilizer products for impregnation, soil applications and foliar applications.

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Micronutrient Products

Research has proven that our fertilizer technology speeds the rate and efficiency of a plant’s nutrient uptake, as well as boosting nutrient mobility throughout the plant. Our micronutrient delivery products utilize this technology to more effectively deliver important secondary nutrients (Ca, Mg, or S) and micronutrients (Mn, Fe, Cu, B, or Zn) to your crops, promoting quality and yield.

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Seed Treatment Products

FBS Transit® Seed 500, when applied to the seed, increases the efficiency of basic physiological processes, enhancing crop growth right from the start, which is essential to improved plant health and productivity.