As a leader in plant health innovation, FBSciences focuses on the discovery and development of breakthrough value-adding active ingredients that enhance the growth and health of agriculture and horticulture crops, markets, and consumers worldwide. We believe our naturally-based proprietary technologies assist in preserving land and water usage while improving crop yield and quality, thereby providing sustainable solutions, both economic and environmental, for the pressing problems of shrinking resources to meet expanding global demand.

Investing in the science from the start

FBSciences is a company founded on core scientific principles. There are other naturally-derived products out there but we can show you the advanced chemistry behind our products and how it relates to why they work in the field. We have built something that no one else is doing with a product of this type.

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A global team working from the same playbook.

Our greatest resource is our people. From our corporate office in Collierville, Tennessee to our research facility in Norfolk, Virginia and our team in the field, we are committed to transforming agriculture and food production globally.