From the beginning, FBSciences has been growing innovation across all of agriculture, and independent studies have validated opportunities for agricultural innovation in seed treatment, fertilizer additive, and crop protection ingredients that could potentially benefit every managed hectare everywhere. In addition, we have addressed and, will continue to address, specific plant health and stress issues with technologies and products specific to those issues wherever they’re found around the world.

Science has responded to biotic factors with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. The next step in agricultural innovation is to address abiotic stresses from water, temperature, and soil conditions. FBSciences is stepping up with a technology platform capable of addressing both biotic and abiotic stress. These active ingredients influence plant physiology that improve overall plant health and productivity, leading to improved yield and crop quality.

CPPA Technology

Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acids (CPPA) is our patented, naturally-derived active ingredient technology. Registered with the EPA, CPPA is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator (PGR) that provides a variety of benefits to any crop.

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Six Ways CPPA Improves Plant Health

1. Increased Germination

A strong start to the season. CPPA increases the rate of germination leading to improved seedling emergence and higher plant populations.

2. Improved Seedling Development

Critical early-season plant stand and vigor. CPPA improves early season plant growth, underpinning a good return on investment.

3. Stronger Roots

Better access to water and nutrients. CPPA produces larger and stronger root systems that provide access to critical resources.

4. Greater Biomass

More access to sunlight. CPPA produces greater leaf area and supports a full crop canopy, which allows the plant to absorb nearly all available sunlight.

5. Higher Chlorophyll Density

Critical for plant energy, all of the crop’s growth and yield results from the ability to use chlorophyll to produce energy. CPPA increases chlorophyll density in a wide variety of crops.

6. Better able to Withstand Stress

Harsh conditions threaten young plants, which fight hard for survival as they put all their energy into growth. CPPA helps seeds and young plants withstand these stresses leading to improved overall plant health.

Arcus PGR soil, foliar & seed treatment

Arcus is our EPA registered PGR product family. Arcus ST is available for use as a seed treatment and is compatible with most commonly used seed amendment products. Arcus FS is for foliar and soil applications or it can be applied through irrigation systems. Both products provide all the benefits of CPPA at very low application rates.

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Transit NUE & Micronutrient Products

If your crops aren’t working as hard as you to deliver quality and yield then it’s time to put them back to work with our line of Transit Nutrient Use Efficiency and Micronutrient Products. Learn more at

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